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Common Minimum Programme:

The common minimum programme in K.V. No. 2 RCF Hussainpur is being followed with full enthusiasm and zeal. There are many activities being held in the school under this programme which ensures to enhance the feasibility of the programme. CMP is undertaken by KVS for strengthening and scaffolding the Primary Education.


1.       Developing Support System-

(a)    Development of resource room is done very well. It is well equipped with TV, DVDs, OHP, Projector, interactive board and computers. The resource room is fully air conditioned and with proper ventilation. Recent software are installed in the computers, which are keep on updating regularly.

(b) Utilization of Monthly Contingent Fund-It is used to prepare TLMs by the teachers. The fund is utilized in an effective way.

(c)  Class-Library- Each class has its own class library, which contains many educational books like Amar Chitra Katha, Panchtantra, Folk Tales, G K books, Science experiment books etc. all the books are kept in an almirah provided to the teachers. Library periods are arranged in the form of block periods so that children can finish up the reading in one sitting and reviews can be recorded within last ten to fifteen minutes.

      2.  . Developing Effective Monitoring and Evaluation System- Cluster level activities are performed    according to the calander given to us. Different subject committee meetings are organized regularly according to the need of the students and teachers.  It also includes-

* making plan for the fundays.

* Discussion over new Examination pattern.

* Swasth Bachche Swatch Bharat Activities.

* Diary Writing.

       3.   Re-designing Time-Table- (a)At least two block periods per week are arranged for every                  instructional subject. (b) Library periods are arranged in the form of block periods. (c) Film shows are arranged for classes.

      4.  Programme for Providing Exposure to the Children-

              (a)Calendar of Activities are developed by teachers in the very beginning of the session.

              (b) Calendar includes all activities of CCA, Sports, Excursions, Community Lunch, Grand Parents Day and Bal Divas etc. Calligraphy, dictation (Hindi/English), Poem Recitation (Hindi / English), Group Song, Drawing and Painting, Story Telling, Skit, Quiz (Mathematical and G K) is included.


(c)    Exposure through excursions is provided to every child. Younger children of classes I and II are taken to a park, zoo, museum etc.

          These activities make students observant and inquisitive. Every student should be given ample opportunity in classroom and through CMP activities. 






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