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CMP  is common minimum programme undertaken by KVS for strengthening and scaffolding the PRIMARY EDUCATION.

1. News letters are prepared, which shows overall performance of the students during the year.

2. Smart classes are introduced in primary section which make classroom more effective, interesting, creative and knowledgeable.

3. Class libraries are managed effectively by purchasing useful books to nurture the talent and creativity of the children of the primary classes.

4. Book reviews, language skills are toned up organizing various cultural and literary activities by language by library club.

5. A number of CDs and film shows on various motivating topics to develop the thinking and imaginative skills.


The resource room is well equipped with TV, DVD, OHP, Projector, interactive board and computers.

Calendar for CCA is prepared according to the CMP guidelines in the month of March. Beside these activities, celebration of Grandparents Day, Bal Diwas and Community Lunch for different classes.


TLMs are prepared according to the level of students. Use of ICT is effectively and efficiently by primary teachers. Excursion is under planning after S.A. I, some places are under consideration- science city, religious place, visit to nearby post office, bank, shopping complex and nearby railway station to update their knowledge.  

                      Common Minimum Programme

The common minimum programme in K.V. NO. 2 RCF Hussainpur is being followed with full enthusiasm and zeal. Following important steps are being taken at Vidyalaya level.

Smart classes are introduced for primary classes in which all lessons and planning for classes is customized to the need of the children.

Under CMP, various programmes are organized to develop and promote communicative skills in English in students.

 On every Saturdays, remedial classes are organized for bloomers.

CCA schedule was prepared as per CMP guidelines and activities are being conducted as per the schedule. Activities are done in individual basis, in pairs and in groups.

Community Lunch is being organized by the class teachers of all classes from time to time. Film shows are organized class wise in the Activity Room, children also enjoy watching cartoon films there.

Grandparent’s Day is being celebrated in our school. This helps the students to inculcate the moral values towards their elders.

The students of class I are taken for visit to the school environment during School Readiness Programme. This make them feel joyous and happy while visiting the school.






Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 Hussainpur Welcomes You Visiting Hours of Parents/Visitors to Meet Principal is 11 AM - 12 PM & 2 PM - 3 PM Class XII Result 2018 कुमारी साक्षी को विज्ञान वर्ग मे 92.80 % के साथ प्रथम स्थान व कुमारी जसप्रीत कौर को 88.2 % के साथ वाणिज्य वर्ग मे प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त करने पर बधाई       
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